The name

"Donkey Entertainment" started out as a name me and a couple other peolpe making short films for high school projects put in front of the videos we made, way back in early 2002. Since it was unregistered, I bought the domain name. I never really put videos up on it, but kept it around anyways.

The original Donkey Entertainment logo.
The original logo we put before the videos.

When I was submitting PEMDAS into the Apple Design Awards this year, having a website was a requirement for entry, and I had about 10 minutes before the deadline was due to throw something together. I didn't want to have to get another website and come up with a name for it and everything, since it would've taken too long. So I just used this one.

It's probably not the best name, but it's really hard to come up with a name that's good. And it's even harder to come up with a good name where the domain hasn't been registered already. I'm terrible at all the name and promotion stuff anyways... I mean, I'm going to school for engineering, not marketing... so I always have that as an excuse.

Plus, not really anything on the site has anything to do with donkeys... or entertainment... and I think that's hilarious!

The software

The reason behind PEMDAS is that every basic computer calculator I've seen, on Windows or Mac, is too limited to do anything useful. I use Maple and MATLAB normally, but they're overkill for basic things, take forever to launch, never work the way I want them to (or sometimes just crash), and the interfaces are terrible. So when Apple came out with Dashboard, I wanted to try to write a calculator that I could use to do a lot of my homework problems, mostly because I was too lazy to just get my TI 30X-II calculator out of my backpack.

To be honest, I figured I'd be the only one that would use it. But I posted it to the Apple download site anyways. Since then, it's been in the Apple Staff Favorite section on their download site, randomly showed up on The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and has way more downloads in a couple months than I thought it would have after a couple of years. A bunch of people have e-mailed me with awesome suggestions on how to make it better, which is pretty sweet. So hopefully other people are liking it, too.

The people

I'm Mike. I'm a senior in college, majoring in aerospace and mechanical engineering. I'm from northern New Jersey, just outside New York City, and I go to school in upstate New York. I write all the software and maintain the site.

If you check out the video section, most of those were made by me and Louie back in high school. I don't have any of the videos up for download yet... maybe at some point. Louie's now a senior in college studying bio, and goes to school in New Jersey.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me a message. I respond to everything, pretty much.