Don't worry, your web browser is working fine. None of the videos are up for download right now, maybe in the future sometime. This is just a list of everything we've worked on.
Final Battle of the Bands May 2005

Duration: 85 minutes

Four bands - Seduce the Enemy, Eem, Grand Theft Audio, and Corona of the Sun, - go head to head trying to win the battle, with styles ranging from punk to rock to grunge to metal.
Maelstrom: Live at RPI December 2004

Duration: 19 minutes

Maelstrom, a grunge-metal band from outside Boston, rocks the McNeil Room during their set at the fall battle of the bands.
The Tri-County Pipe Band March 2004

Duration: 4 minutes

A short documentary about the Tri-County Pipe Band, an Irish pipe band from Bergen County, NJ.
Retribution November 2003

Duration: 5 minutes

A man kills a random person he finds by typing a phone number into Google. But the victim comes back seeking revenge...
The Gummie Bears Video September 2003

Duration: 3 minutes

Follow a gummie bear on a journey as the world around him collapses.
Hamlet February 2003

Duration: 5 minutes

Watch a portrayal of the famous Oedipus complex scene in Hamlet acted in several different genre styles.
BHS Varsity Soccer Highlight Film November 2002

Duration: 15 minutes

From the Pep Rally to the last games, the highlight film covers several key moments in the 2002 fall season.
Twelfth Night October 2002

Duration: 8 minutes

Two guys chill out and watch a movie based on the Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night.
Romeo's Malt Liquor April 2002

Duration: 10 minutes

An infomercial from the 1950s advertising a product strait from Europe: Romeo's Malt Liquor!
El Spanish Project March 2002

Duration: 7 minutes

Entirely in Spanish, the first half of the video is a commercial for a credit card. For the second half, follow a milkman trying to save the world from a hostile takeover by H2O boy.
The Reeve's Tale November 2001

Duration: 9 minutes

Based on a story from Geoffrey Chaucer's The Cantebury Tales, follow two college students who try to teach a dishonest miller a lesson.
The September 11th Project October 2001

Duration: 10 minutes

A slideshow presentation of the events of September 11th, including footage of where we were when we found out, and the patriotism that followed.